Saturday, May 30, 2015

Sacrament Meeting Talks in Jordan Meadows Ward

[May 17, 2015] Sunday

Since we were a last minute addition (it was High Council Sunday, after all, and the High Council speaker only needed us to fill the “companion speaker” time), we didn’t have to take up very much time. Molly went first, and introduced us. 

Needless to say, ten minutes doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface of nearly 36 years of marriage, kids, moves, experiences, etc. But, she gave them the short version and thanked them for so warmly welcoming us into their ward.

Then she talked about spiritual self-reliance, how to work to achieve it, and the benefits of that. I’m so grateful that she has always been so close to her Heavenly Father, and trusting in the promptings and inspiration she continually receives to direct her choices and actions. She is a special daughter of His, and I’m very blessed to be married to her.

I followed up by talking about the things we did to prepare ourselves for a mission, and the promptings that helped us, and me in particular, both to know that this was the correct thing for us to do now, and to have the confidence that we could get everything taken care of with family, house and condo, finances, work, and etc. 

As those who know us recognize, the decision to serve a mission was made nearly 36 years ago, before we even got married. This has been a lifelong desire for Molly, and since my mission as a young man, a deep desire on my part to again be able to spend full-time in this kind of service. I’ll post our talks over in the “Rambling with the ‘Rents” blog for our kids. 

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