Sunday, May 3, 2015

Back home - before we leave for 23 months!

[May 1, 2015] Friday

After more than two weeks at the motel, we're back in our Condo. The workers got the sheet rock, painting, carpeting, and carpet cleaning done on Friday, and we spent the afternoon moving beds, dressers, desks and clothing. back into the bedrooms. Everything looks nice - almost like we never left. 

Molly and I slept in our "Princess Bed" (it's about 42 inches high due to a tall base. Some people would use it without the box springs, but not us) here in the condo, and Sam and Sawyer spent their last night at the motel so they could go swimming in the "Fins and Grins" pool/water park - complete with a "slime" slide - Molly's term for a tube slide.

Emily and Stacy came over Friday night to help get everything rearranged and had dinner with us. Hopefully we won't have such a disruption again, but it did help me realize how much information I need to leave with Sam about insurance, HOA, and so on.

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