Sunday, May 3, 2015

Empty Nesters

[April 27, 2015] Monday

We realize that some of these posts may be out of order, but we wanted to document the dates prominently so we wouldn't forget them. So, pardon the randomness!

On Monday evening, we attended the Empty Nester's Family Home Evening in American Fork. They do these quarterly for members of the ward to socialize among all the "empty nesters". Whether Molly and I qualify or not, they invited us and the Hawkins to come and tell them about our missions. 

Brother and Sister Hawkins have been called to the Mormon Trails Mission. They will be working with visitors and youth at the various historical sites, like Martin's Cove, in Wyoming. They told us about what they would be doing, and some of the stories that they are studying to be able to share. Since Molly and I had such a significant experience last summer with our ward youth there, it was exciting to think of them being there and participating all summer long. We wish them well.

Then Molly and I told them about our experiences leading up to our call, and about what we know of the temple in Bolivia, the people, and what we will be doing there. 

There were quite a number of folks from the ward. All good friends who wished us well, and assured us that we will be missed. We will certainly miss seeing them each week, and interacting in such sweet ways. They have been a wonderful influence on our family for the last 25 years.

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