Saturday, May 30, 2015

California trip - Visit Molly's Mother

[May 9, 10, 11, 12, 2015] Saturday to Tuesday

Having recovered from the flood that accompanied our first, delayed attempt to go visit Molly’s mother, we took off early Saturday morning to drive to Fallbrook, where she lives with Molly’s sister, Nancy, and her family. Fortunately, this time, we had no complicating events to delay us. We arrived in the evening, and visited a bit, then checked into a motel in Fallbrook.

With the 10th being Mother’s Day, all of Molly’s sisters except Mel, who is serving a mission in New Zealand, got together to spend the day with their mother. It was good to see Jo (and Pat, who, like me, tagged along) and Lyndie, along with Nancy, all together.

We attended Nancy’s ward in Vista, where the women all had a nice social with desserts, and a nice expression of gratitude by the Bishop in their ward. Afterwards, we had lunch (prepared by Ezra, Nancy and Jack’s son who also lives with them right now), and just had a relaxing afternoon visiting.

On Monday, Molly, Mary, Nancy, Lyndie and Jo spent the day visiting. We all went out to lunch down in Oceanside at a quaint little Mexican restaurant called Pollo’s Maria. We’re so glad that Mary is so well taken care of there at Nancy’s with Jack, their sons Ezra and Tim, and their daughter Rachel so close by to help, visit, and support her, along with Lyndie who visits often as well.

On Tuesday, we drove back home to West Valley. On the way, we got a call from the First Counselor in the Bishopric here in the Jordan Meadows Ward, asking us if we would speak on Sunday. We had been planning to drive to Missouri and Wisconsin starting on Friday, so this gave us the good excuse to delay until Monday, which forced us to fly. Good choice. I’m not sure what got into me thinking that we would enjoy driving for six days and visiting for two. This way, we got to visit for so much more time, and only had to tolerate the delayed flights and travel for parts of three days.

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