Saturday, May 30, 2015

Lurking Kidney Stones?

[May 15, 2015] Friday

Before heading out east to visit the kids, and before our insurance got terminated, I figured one last visit to the Urologist would be a good idea. 

With my last two kidney stone experiences, the CT scans have shown some “lurking” kidney stones of smaller size (4-5 mm) up in my kidneys. I wanted to make sure they weren’t growing, and that I had the best advice on prevention before embarking to Bolivia. Dr. Shandera had some good counsel, and ordered a KUB X-ray, just to check.

The results of the KUB (Kidneys, Ureters, and Bladder) X-rag were positive – no stones were visible. Although it might not have been as sensitive as a CT scan, it was reassuring that nothing was visible. Hopefully, with adequate hydration and an increase in citrates (lemonade, limeade, etc.), I’ll not have to suffer a stone while in Bolivia (or ever again, for that matter).

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