Monday, September 7, 2015

Granola and Perfect Forgiveness

[August 31, 2015] Monday

Today, we decided we wanted to find a good, reliable place to buy the granola (Vivo Multigrano Granola) that we found once at IC Norte, but haven't been able to find there since. There are a couple of stores that are possibilities. One is K Barato and the other is a Hipermaxi - both of which are about 4 km away. So, we figured we'd walk, just to get our daily dose of exercise.

The K Barato store has a number of EEUU (United States - since we're all Americans here) brands, and specializes in all kinds of spices. So, they are a very good store to go to for some of those kinds of things. The Hipermaxi has lots of EEUU brands as well, and lots of variety.

The K Barato store is on Av. Melchor Perez de Olguín, just off Av. America, so it's an easy place to find. On the way, we found a cute little kitchen supply store, and bought a set of kitchen tongs, a zester (grate), and small funnel. Quite random.

Well, we didn't find the granola at K Barato, but Molly found some Cinnamon and some Italian seasoning that looked good.

We walked from there to the Hipermaxi on Av. Juan de la Rosa and Av. Gabriel René de Moreno, and on the way, we ran into the sister missionaries that work in that area. We've met them before in our walking, and they were so cute to greet us and tell us how much fun it is to see us. We really appreciate their energy and joy in being here.

At Hipermaxi, we found the granola, so we bought three boxes of it (hopefully, the sudden spike won't initiate a catastrophic collapse of the supply chain - reference Peter Senge's book, The Fifth Discipline and the section that tells about the Beer Game). We also found some very nice rolls - we'll probably be back. The bread in most places doesn't measure up to my memory of what we had when I was here before, so we keep looking. We also splurged on some EEUU soda pop - Grape Crush and Squirt. Simple pleasures.

Monday evening, we had a Family Home Evening with the other English speaking missionaries, on the topic of Forgiveness. One interesting insight that came to my mind from what was presented, had to do with the number seven. President Jensen indicated that in the study of numerology (there was a fancy term that I'm forgetting), the number seven is used to denote perfection or completeness.

So, when Jesus was asked if one should forgive seven times, it might be construed that they were making a trap of a sort - would he answer with a number, knowing that "seven" meant complete or perfect forgiveness, indicating that he didn't understand the law? When Jesus answered that one should forgive "seven times seven", He was catching them in their own trap - emphasizing that you didn't quantify forgiveness, limiting it to a count of times, but by emphasizing the nature of forgiving perfectly. Or Perfection times Perfection. By this he demonstrated that He not only knew the law (better than they did), but more importantly, He taught the principle by multiplying perfection. Quite a powerful manifestation.

It's worth considering what forgiving someone means to each of us, I suppose. What does perfect forgiveness mean? Are there conditions based on the nature of the offense? What does it mean to "forget" when our brains are hardwired to remember things, and bring them back to our memory based on stimuli that we can't control at times? How should our understanding of the Atonement and the scriptures influence our understanding of forgiveness?

I'll leave the answers to those questions to you. Pondering this has helped me understand how I personally can do better.

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