Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Día del Peatón y del Ciclista en defensa de la Madre Tierra

[September 6, 2015] Sunday

In 1999, the Cochabamba district established a day where all motorized vehicles (buses, taxis, trufis, private cars, trucks, etc.) were banned from the streets between about 6:00 am and 6:00 pm or so. In 2012 or so (I'm not sure the exact year), a national law was created that extended this to the entire country. So, if you get caught at the airport at 7:00 am, for example, I'm understanding you either stay put, or walk to your destination.

Anyway, due to this, the missionaries here at the hospedaje had their own Sacrament/Fast and Testimony meeting and Sunday School, since getting to our wards would have to have been done on foot. Molly and I attend a ward that is about 4 miles away, and we'd have to leave at about 6:30 am to make it. So, we stayed here at the hospedaje with the other missionaries.

Since some of the missionaries are from Bolivia and Chile, testimonies were given in Spanish, including Molly and I. It was a good experience. I'm posting a related item about one of the missionaries from La Paz, Hna. Paredes, in a separate post, because her testimony was so sweet, and I had had an opportunity to get to know her earlier in the week in the Temple.

After the meeting, Molly and I wanted to experience Cochabamba without vehicles, so we took a walk of a couple of miles down to the Ricoleta - a plaza/roundabout at the end of Av. Pando. It was fun to see families walking, on bicycles, with their children on riding toys, etc. Here are a couple of pictures:

Av. Circumvalación just below the temple - no cars!

Av. Pando (I think)
Av. America
Av. America
Here's a link to a YouTube video showing this day a year or more ago. It is from El Prado and around the Cine Center from what I can tell:

Día del Peatón in Cochabamba

Later in the evening, we walked over to the chapel of Hno. and Hna. Chaves for a "Despedida" (farewell) meeting for their daughter, who is leaving tomorrow for her mission in Cusco, Peru. Molly will blog a bit about this one.

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