Thursday, June 18, 2015

Two Days to Go

[June 12, 2015] Friday

Getting all the last things done...

We had someone come and check on the water heater, since it was about 10 years old, and we'd noticed that the volume of hot water was not what we'd expect with only the three of us here using it. Sure enough, it needed to be replaced, so we had that done. Hopefully that's one less thing for Sam to be bothered with in the next two years.

After that, we went to Orem for some last business, and on the way home, got a call from Stacy. She'd had someone sideswipe her car, and ended up with a flat tire. So we headed her way, but someone had helped her replace it with the spare by the time we got there. We helped her unjangle her nerves, made sure her car was still runnable (minor fender damage was all), and then headed homeward for a dinner appointment with Richard and Karen.

They came over to the condo and we gave them the grand, three minute tour (usually two, but they are older than us so we walked slowly from room to room. That's right, just room to room. That's all there are... :)

They treated us to dinner at Appleby's here in West Valley and we visited. Very enjoyable. When we get back in two years, it will be our turn to treat them. We truly appreciate and will rely on the strength and support of all our family and friends. You have all been wonderful to us.

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