Monday, June 22, 2015

Farewell Talks and Setting Apart

[June 14, 2015] Sunday

Well, we're nearly there.

We spoke today in our old Ward - the American Fork 12th Ward. It was really hard sitting on the stand seeing all of our dear, sweet family and friends walk in and sit down.

My mother and father were there on the front row with my sister, Jayna and her daughter, Cindy. Kirsti and Dave and their kids came (Ralph's family), and Susi and Dan (Steve's family) were also there along with our Stacy, Emily, Sam and Sawyer, Becky and Paul with Gordon, Ellie, and Henry, and Matt and Lisa with Andrew and Nicholas. Lee Pierce, from work, and his wife were there, Miriam Alvez (who taught Molly Spanish) and her family were there, along with many other friends who aren't in the 12th Ward. We couldn't possibly mention all the special people by name who have been such amazing friends and influences on our family.

The opening song was particularly difficult to sing because we were feeling so many emotions. Debi Holley offered the opening prayer, so she was there next to Molly to give such loving support while we struggled to sing.

Jimmy Valverde spoke and talked about tithing, which was perfect for what Bishop Merrill had asked me to talk about - sacrifice and consecration. Molly followed, talking about adversity in our lives and how we overcome it and how we can grow from it.

The ward choir then sang "Que Firmes Cimientos", except they sang it in English. I finished by talking about how we really aren't sacrificing when we are giving of our time and talents in the Lord's work - we are immediately blessed. I've posted the contents of both of our talks over in the "Ramblings from the 'Rents" blog so family can read the entirety.

Later that evening, our children came with their families to our Stake Center, where we met with President Mark Duke - the Stake President in our new ward, his wife, and President Walker, the First Counselor. I went to school with President Duke in Heber, and he even remembered me! Bishop Merrill came with his wife. President Duke set me apart first, and then I was able to participate as he set Molly apart. That makes us official missionaries now!

Our blessings assured us that our children and grandchildren would be taken care of, that our health would be good, and that we would be able to accomplish our assignments as missionaries.

It was a sweet experience to be there.

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