Sunday, June 7, 2015

Family Doings

[June 1 - 6, 2015] Monday - Friday

Besides an assignment at the Welfare Square Cannery for Molly and I, this week was full of fun family doings.

First the Cannery. This was the first time I have worked at the cannery when they were canning salsa. Things have changed a bit. The last time I worked at the cannery down in Lindon, they were still using steel cans. Here, they used plastic bottles, so our assignment was to screw on the lids as the filled bottles went past on the conveyor belt. I worried a bit that we might have an "I Love Lucy" moment with bottles going faster than we could manage, but we kept up just fine.

While we worked, we got to visit with a number of other sweet people who had volunteered. One lady told us about volunteering on Temple Square to help usher various events each month. Another told us she knows the Kowallises from American Fork. We had worked with them a number of years ago in a parenting class that Molly and I were learning to teach. Another (Sister Schoenfeld, we think) remembered serving as a Senior Missionary when Jeff (now our daughter Holly's husband) was serving in Bulgaria. She remembered him as a sweet, hard working missionary. That's our Jeff.

It was fun to visit with them as we filled the tedium of screwing on bottle lids.

It was the last week of school around here so we were able to attend some fun activities. First we watched Sawyer perform with his kindergarten class the school's dance festival. He was so enthusiastic and smiley. He continued the dance at his last soccer game that night. What a fun kid. He's the cute one in the middle with the yellow hat.

Here is Sawyer with his trophy, treat and team.

We enjoyed watching Henry graduate from Kindergarten. He is in a French immersion class and it was so fun to hear them sing in French. They sang lots of songs and Henry sang every word and performed the actions perfectly. A boy in his class made candy bar leis for every child in the class. Henry is Henry on the left with friend sporting their candy bar leis. He is very happy about it.

We were also able to go to one of Andrew's soccer games. He's a good little runner. It was fun to be with the family. We even got frozen yogurt afterward. But I didn't get a picture.

We have loved the visits this week from Becky's and  Matt's families as well as Stacy and Emily. We are soaking in every bit of this family that we possibly can.

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