Saturday, April 25, 2015

The Flood - Not Noah's

[April 16, 2015] Thursday

We had planned to drive to California today to visit Molly's mother, but Molly was not feeling well last night, so we figured we'd better go see the doctor down in American Fork. He ordered a course of antibiotics, and we talked about the best approach if she started getting a UTI once we're in Bolivia. I think we settled on a good plan, but by the time we got through there, we decided not to go to California.

For our visa application, we needed two copies of our marriage certificate, so we figured we'd get that while we were in Utah County. We stopped at the Vital Records office there on 500 East in American Fork. While we were waiting, we saw that they also offered vaccinations for international travel. We had set up an appointment for vaccinations on May 6th up in Salt Lake, but we figured if we could get them now, it would just speed things up, so we did.

Yellow Fever was the most important one - it requires a special certification. We also got vaccinations for Shingles, Hepatitis A&B, and took the oral vaccination for Typhoid home to take once Molly completes her course of antibiotics. After we finish that one, we'll only need vaccinations for Pneumococcal Pneumonia and Meningiococcal Meningitis, which we should be able to get at the doctor's office.

We also needed a statement from the American Fork Police with any police record on file for us. We called to see what time they closed, and we were able to get there 5 minutes before closure. Fortunately we don't have anything untoward, so it was just a statement to that effect, which only took five minutes to produce.

So, to this point, Thursday was a very productive day.

We went home, invited Emily to come have dinner with us and Sam and Sawyer, and were happily engaged in lively conversation when Sam heard something down the hall from the kitchen. By the time we got there to investigate, there was water flooding from the ceiling light fixture. Gushing, flooding, pouring, etc. It was massive. We started grabbing buckets, but they were overwhelmed immediately.

I thought the water had to be coming from the neighbors upstairs, but no one was home to alert. We called the HOA maintenance guy, and he said he was on his way, but gave us no other clues as to what the source could be. By now, there was an inch of water in the hall, soaking into all the bedrooms and bathrooms. Fortunately there was a drain in the floor in the bigger bathroom, which helped keep the water from getting into the living room.

By now, I was at wits end, so I called 911 to have the Fire Department come and shut off the water to the building. Emily was in hog heaven communicating with neighbors, directing the fire truck to our apartment, etc. By the time the maintenance guy got there, the water had stopped. He looked around and showed us where the turn-off for our condo was, and then turned the water back on to the building. So, our neighbors have had a great introduction to the Lyons!

By now, the 1-800-FLOODED guys showed up (Molly had called them while I was dealing with the Fire Department), and they started removing wet carpet pad, excess water, etc. They repaired the leak in the hot water line between our hot water heater and the master bathroom. We had to move everything out of the bedrooms into the living room and kitchen to start drying the carpet.

In the meantime, I called our insurance company to get a claim started, and they arranged to have us stay in a motel (where we are at this moment, in fact.)

So, a very exciting Thursday. We got a lot done as far as mission preparations, and were very thankful we hadn't gone to California. I also realized how much information I need to provide Sam in an easily reachable spot with insurance and other homeowner details. A blessing in disguise?

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