Saturday, April 25, 2015

Tender Mercies - and Clothes!

[April 15, 2015] Wednesday

I experienced a miracle today. I have always had a difficult time buying clothes for myself. In fact I don't ever buy clothes for myself without Charlie, or a daughter, or my mother helping me.

Well I knew that Charlie didn't really have the time it would take to help me buy mission clothes. I asked Becky to go with me, and she was going to, but we had a huge snow storm and the roads were bad near her home and she wasn't feeling well. So I said a prayer and set out with determination to accomplish my task.

Becky had given me some store ideas, so with that information I went to Fashion Place Mall particularly to go to Christopher and Banks. There were a couple of other stores before Christopher and Banks that I wanted to check out. Right away I knew they didn't have what I wanted (too short and too trendy, but cute).

When I walked into Christopher and Banks something happened, I just started picking things off the rack like I knew what I wanted (which I didn't). The sales girl saw I was serious and offered to get me a dressing room started. It was amazing! The clothes were cute, comfortable, fit well, they coordinate with what I already have in my closet and with each other and I got it all for 40% off. I did it all in about 90 minutes. All my mission clothes purchased!

I know I didn't go alone. I know Heavenly Father loves us and wants to help us and will help us when we ask Him. He will even go with us to buy clothes.

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