Thursday, April 23, 2015

President and Sister Jensen - Mission President Called

[April 14, 2015] Tuesday

We received a call from President and Sister Jensen tonight. They are the Temple President and Matron. Their stateside home is just on the other side of the Mt. Timpanogos Temple, so they were nearly our neighbors. President Jensen was very interested to hear that I had served in Bolivia previously. He had been called as the Mission President for the Bolivia La Paz Mission back in 1972, but was reassigned to the Cali Columbia Mission. President Allred, who was my first mission president replaced him.

They welcomed us warmly, and indicated that they were looking forward to meeting us in Cochabamba in June. They expressed how much they enjoyed working in the Temple in Cochabamba, and how much we would enjoy it as well.

They gave us some preliminary information, all of which sounded wonderful to us. We'll be living in the hospedaje (lodging) on the Temple grounds. The apartments have refrigerators and stoves, furnishings, and internet access. They are going to send us a list of suggestions, things to bring, and things to leave home in a couple of days.

It merely increased our excitement to hear from them.  They gave us some good ideas about setting things up to be able to communicate with family back home, so I'll be looking into a VOIP service here in the next few days. I'm working to get Mom and Dad Lyon set up with Skype so we can keep in touch with them, as well as our children. We've talked with Seth and Shalana and their family a couple of times already on Skype, so we think we're getting it figured out.

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