Monday, April 20, 2015

Telling the Ward

[April 11, 2015] Saturday

Charlie had tried calling Bishop Merrill to let him know that we received our call, but was never able to reach him. We had some business in Utah County so we decided to see if he was home. He was home with their 8 children while his wife was out of town for a few days. He is always so welcoming and sweet to us and the children love Charlie and me from Primary and Young Women's.

After visiting awhile we told him our news that we had received our call. He called all of the children to gather round. He told them how Brother and Sister Lyon have been in the ward for 25 years and that we had sold our  home to go on missions, and we were there to  tell them where we will be serving. It was so sweet to tell them, they are like family to us. The kids hugged us multiple times. We love the Merrills.

The Bishop asked if we would announce our mission call in Sacrament Meeting the next day to our ward family.  He also asked us to speak in our American Fork 12th Ward on June 14th. Of course we will be happy to do both.

[April 12, 2015] Sunday

We arrived to church early and shook hands with dear friends. Someone would ask "have you got your call yet?" So we'd tell them while someone else was listening. The news kind of trickled around before the meeting started. You know how things get around in a ward family. Brother Brand was conducting that day. Before the meeting he let us know that he would give us time  to announce our call.

I'm sure I was grinning from ear to ear as Charlie told them where we will serve. He also told that is where he served his mission 40 years ago and how he loves the Bolivian people. I am so touched that we can serve in Bolivia. I have heard Charlie talk about his mission and the dear people he grew to love so dearly there. I love them already.

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