Sunday, July 3, 2016

Jeaneth Sanchez - Love and Appreciation

[3 July 2016]

I called Hna. Jeaneth Sanchez (see prior blogs for her story) to let her know that we were going to go home early, and to let her know how much we love her and will miss being able to visit with her again. What a sweet call.

Jeaneth and Molly in February.
She was preparing her Primary lesson for next week. As we talked, she apologized for not coming to the temple, since her recommend had expired and she hadn't been able to connect with the Stake President, yet.

Just to help you all understand the difference between good old Utah, where the Stake Center is all of a couple of blocks away (at least in American Fork - we could walk over to the Stake Presidency interview in a good 5 minutes or less), and Bolivia, the Stake Presidency office for Jeaneth's Stake is a bus ride of an hour or so. So, either the members in Punata have to take a bus ride in the evening here and back, getting home after 10:00 pm, most likely, or they have to wait until the Stake President comes to Punata. He is coming next week, so she's eagerly waiting to get her recommend renewed.

I told her about our going home, and about our sweet Lisa and her fight with cancer. Jeaneth started crying, and told me that if she could go and take care of Andrew and Nicholas and Violet, she would. She wanted us to know that she would do anything to help us, and that she loved Molly and I so much. She assured me that she would pray for Lisa and Matt and their family along with us, and hoped that we could return here to Bolivia someday. She expressed her love for the gospel, and the knowledge that we will have another sweet reunion, someday, whether in this life or in the next.

Our experiences here have so touched our lives. Jeaneth is so gracious and loving, just like all of the good people we work with. We will be leaving a big portion of our hearts here in Bolivia, just as I did forty years ago. We are so grateful for having had this experience now, and look forward to many more experiences like this one, wherever Heavenly Father needs us. Right now, that is home with Matt and Lisa and their little family. We have faith and confidence that Heavenly Father is watching over them, just as He has watched over us and our family these many, many years. We know that He is guiding and directing us, and are so grateful, just like Jeaneth, for the wonderful blessings the gospel has brought to our lives and our family. Our testimonies have grown, and we look forward eagerly to what the future has to bring.

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