Sunday, June 12, 2016

Odds and ends - Miniature Golf?

[12 June 2016]

This week wasn't quite as exciting as some, but I figure I better keep up the weekly tradition (or close to weekly). Here are the highlights:

Grandchild number 14 was born this week. Congrats to Becky and Paul and their sweet family. He's really cute - lots of dark hair. Molly thinks that's because his grandparents are Bolivian!

On Monday, we went on a long hike up into Tunari Park. We actually found a long-unused miniature golf course. Quite interesting:

Panorama of a miniature golf course in Tunari Park. Quite strange.
We also got a good panorama of the Cochabamba valley from up there:

Cochabamba valley
We started back on the morning shift this week, as well. We only see those workers about once every three months, so it was good to be back. They are all such sweet people. We love working with them.

On Thursday, President and Sister Jensen invited us over to help them preview some videos that the primaries of the Universidad Stake made. The Jensens were asked to judge them, like the Oscars, only these are called the "Moronis". They couldn't get some of them to play on their machine and asked me to come over and see if I could get them to play. Once I got them working, they thought it would be a good idea if we helped them to judge them.

We were so impressed with each video. The costumes, scripts, music, acting and themes were so well done and well thought out. We even took home some yummy lemon (lime) cake that Sister Jensen had made, so it was like a night out at the movies with dessert! Lots of fun.

This time of year is a bit slow at the temple, because kids are in school. But, on Saturday, we had a couple of groups show up in flotas from Santa Cruz and Oruro. The morning sessions were full, which was very enjoyable for us. There were also three young ladies who received their endowments - two in preparation for missions, and one to be sealed. The Baptistry was full as well, with young people who had come on the flotas.

In the evening, we walked over to R&R's and got a rotisserie chicken. For 50 Bs (about $7.00), you get a freshly rotisseried chicken (we watched them pull it off the grill), along with two bags of llajua (hot salsa). That will last us most of the week.

One last picture. It is getting on into winter here, and the leaves are falling from many of the trees. They don't turn colors like back home, but they still seem to flower. Here's a picture of a tree here at the hospedaje that Molly likes - not just because of the purple flowers. Isn't winter great!

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