Sunday, April 17, 2016

Special Temple Workers Devotional

[April 17, 2016]

Sunday April 10th  about 3:30pm we took the 3 bus down to the University Stake Center for a Temple Devotional for all temple workers and employees and their spouses. We got there about 4:30. It started at 6. The Escaleras were there along with another sister. A few more trickled in and about 4:50 we were able to get inside the gate and at 5:00 we were able to get into the chapel. By this time there were about 30 or more of us including about 12 missionaries.

We missionaries were asked to sing a musical number. Charlie found and arranged a medley of Families Can Be Together Forever and I love to See the Temple. I was asked to direct our little choir of 12. As none of us are professional singers by any stretch, my goal for the choir was to bear our testimonies as missionaries of this great work that all in attendance believe in as well. Also to express our love for these beautiful, faithful, Bolivian brothers and sisters that we serve with every day in the Temple.

We were going to practice at 5 before it started. Charlie wanted to practice on the piano beforehand as he was going to play for the congregational hymns, which is why we got there so early.

We were able to practice and get our seating situated. Presidente Garcia of the Temple Presidency was so sweet to share his personal hymn book with me as there were no hymn books in the chapel and I was leading the congregational singing. I left him a thank you note in his book.

I'm so grateful  that I got to lead the singing. The chapel was full to overflowing with wonderful, dear people that I know and love as well as their spouses that I didn't know so well, but some that I have met. I couldn't stop smiling at them and nearly cried, my heart was so full of love for these dear, faithful people. I did go down before the meeting to use the rest room and hugged everyone in the chapel that was there so far.

The choir did a great job. They looked up often and they smiled and sang from their hearts. I think we were all feeling the same thing. Love for this work and these dear people. I felt especially grateful that I got to stand in front of them and see their smiling faces and feel the spirit in which they sang.

President Jensen and his wife spoke, and then two of the Quorum of the Seventy assigned to this area spoke. Next was our turn to sing. After we sang we heard from Elder Hugo Montoya of the Area Presidency. He gave such a powerful, moving, talk. He loves temple work and you could feel that in everything he said. He served for many years as an ordinance worker, which he loved. When  he was called to be a General Authority he asked President Monson if he could still still serve as an ordinance worker in the Temple. He was given permission. He was amazing.

The whole meeting was very inspirational, even if I couldn't understand all of it, I could feel it. There were lots of hugs afterwards. Many of the workers that come once a month for a week from La Paz and Santa Cruz came for this special devotional.

In the picture below, we're standing with Hna. Zambrana. I had warned Molly about complimenting Bolivians about things in their homes, clothing items, etc., but she wasn't thinking one day when Hna. Zambrana came wearing a very colorful sweater. Molly complimented her about it, and sure enough, Hna. Zambrana gifted her the sweater right there in the Temple. Fortunately, it fit Molly very well.  In the picture at the bottom, Molly is modeling the sweater.

Molly and I with Hna. Zambrana.
Molly modeling her new sweater.

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