Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Goodbye 2015

[January 5, 2016]

It seems to me that 2015 came and went very quickly. A year ago we were getting things ready to start our mission papers. What a year it has been. A lot of changes and a lot of learning. We have been here in Cochabamba for a little more than six months. It still amazes me everyday when we get to walk up those beautiful steps to the Temple, that we are actually here and get to serve in The House of Lord every day. I love the work that we do in the Temple. It is a real privilege, joy and blessing.

More than anything, I know that Heavenly Father knows all of His children (that includes everyone in the whole world who has ever lived and will yet live on the earth). He loves each one of us individually. This knowledge makes all the difference in my life. I know He cares and listens to me. He knows my concerns and the desires of my heart. He wants all of us to be happy and He wants us to include Him in our lives. He will help us if we seek Him.

I have gained a greater appreciation and love for my Savior Jesus Christ as I have served in the Temple. Words cannot express my deep gratitude for all He has done for me, especially His Atoning Sacrifice  in behalf of all mankind. That He felt all of our pains, sorrows, sufferings and guilt. That He took upon Himself our sins and suffered for them that we wouldn't have to suffer if we would only repent.

I see Their hands in my life and in the lives of my children and others who are close to me. If we are paying attention, we will see how They help us each day. They have put words in my mouth, even Spanish words, when I have needed to calm a crying child or help a sister. They put people in our path that we can help or that can be a blessing to us or our families.

They have a wonderful plan for all of us.

Part of that plan includes passing from this life to the next. My Uncle Floyd completed this earthly phase of his life Saturday night January 2, 2016. My two sisters Lyndie and Nancy, and my niece Cori were with him in the hospital when he died. He had been living in a Veterans Nursing home in Colorado for the past few years. He was far away from family. My mother felt like he needed to be close. She and Nancy found a good place for him to live in the same town of Fallbrook, California where my mother and sister live.  My sisters Melody and Jo went and got him right before Christmas. He spent a good Christmas day with my mother, sister and family. We are so grateful that he was able to spend his last days with family.

Uncle Floyd has always been one of my heroes. He would have had his 92nd birthday in a few weeks. My mother was his 2 year old birthday present. He was a good big brother to her. He always seemed like a movie star to me, so handsome and so strong, especially when he wore his uniform. He was a California Highway Patrolman. A very good, kind, generous man. He had a hard life, but lived the best he knew how. His passing was a graduation from this life. He graduated with flying colors. I can imagine him in the arms of his mother and older brother (who died in infancy) and my Daddy. I'm excited for him to learn the gospel and feel the Love of His Savior and know that his righteous efforts will be rewarded.

I love my Uncle Floyd, goodbye for now.   

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