Thursday, November 19, 2015

Grateful to be here

We get together as temple missionaries on Monday nights for Family Home Evening. This week was in the home of the Parkers. Their lesson was based on the talk by President Eyring "Oh Remember". It set the tone for my week. I have been working on seeing The Lord's Hand in my life everyday and writing down what I have been grateful for.  

Some of  the things I am grateful for this week are:

On Tuesday I was so grateful to start another week serving in the Temple. No matter what I do there, I love it. Charlie made another connection with a couple who know people he knew from his mission. I love these connections. I know they are not mere coincidences.

The best news of the day Wednesday was when we got home from the Temple and read that Sawyer is home. Hopefully he will be able to stay home for a while.

On Thursday I felt The Lord's hand in my life as I was given the opportunity to participate in a session. I felt that was where I needed to be and I was grateful to be there and to have time to sit and ponder before the session and remember the things I am learning here and that I need to write them down. One of those things that I will share is that I am grateful for a good husband and father of our children, who is consistent and strong, and an anchor in our lives. What a source of security and strength he has always been and continues to be in my life and our children's lives as well.

On Friday I  heard from Becky. They brought Sam and Sawyer dinner of home made chicken noodle soup, homemade rolls, ice cream and lots of fruit. Paul told Sawyer he was their hero. Becky said the condo looked and smelled really clean. I'm so happy to hear all of that. I'm so grateful for children who take care of each other.  

This week in the Temple has been slow, as far as participantes go, but even when The Temple is slow, The Spirit is there as well as the feeling of love, peace and inspiration.

The week in the Temple ended in a sweet way. It was not as slow on Saturday. Charlie and I got to officiate the last session. A girl was receiving her endowments and many of her family were there to support her. I loved watching this family interact with so much love. There was a darling grandma (who reminded me of my mother) a couple of aunts and an uncle that I could tell were related, and her parents of course. They really enjoyed each other. I felt like they were my own family. They made me feel a part of their family as they expressed their appreciation for my small part in their experience.

On Sunday I was grateful for the good Wards we attend, the strong leadership and the faithful members. I got to visit with a sweet, young, recently returned sister missionary while Charlie played prelude for Sacrament Meeting. We talked for at least 10 minutes and understood each other. I was also given the opportunity to answer a question in Sunday School. Though I'm not sure if I answered it the way the teacher wanted or if anyone understood what I was trying to say, I'm grateful that I didn't shake my head and not try and I'm thankful that he would ask me.

I'm also thankful for good friends. A couple from the Temple invited 4 of us missionary couples to their home for dinner. It was fun to be with them and the food was very yummy too.

I'm thankful for another great week in Cochabamba.

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